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Wield a Deadly Energy Blade & Proton Shield Combo in ‘BladeShield’ on the HTC Vive & SteamVR


Rank17’s BladeShield, an intense sci-fi action wave defender, is now available on SteamVR for only $2.39. Take on the role of a lone security officer aboard the transport vessel Titan-X and stop a rogue A.I. (artificial intelligence) dead in its tracks in this immersive, action-packed VR experience for the HTC Vive.

E.L.L.E.N. (Engaging Linguistic Learning Electronic Network), the ship’s advanced computer, has gone rogue — instructing the ship’s replicator to create an army of murderous robots. As the only able-bodied and armed human on the ship, you now must face off against the killer machines to make sure all civilians get out safely.

Arm yourself with two powerful BladeShields and take on wave after wave of deadly robots to beat the A.I. at its own game. Switch between the light blade and proton shield in each hand — blocking with the shield and swinging the blades for maximum damage. Sawbots, blaster drones, and mega turrets are out to get you — so make sure to block and deflect incoming laser bolts from enemies to charge up your blade. Once you’re done, smash the floor with your energy blade to unleash a massive EMP blast!

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“We want to give VR enthusiasts top-notch gameplay and visuals at a great value, VR is more than AAA tentpoles with head tracking thrown in. It’s a brand new way to play — and Rank17 is well positioned to deliver more awesome ‘pickup-and-play’ VR titles to players in the years ahead. If you enjoy BladeShield, you’re going to love our 2017 releases!” – Steve Iverson, Highest Ranking Officer, Rank17. 

Key Features

  • Wield a killer combination of lethal energy blade and proton shield.
  • Slice and dice your way through consecutive waves of A.I. enemies.
  • Fight against droves of murderous machines — including sawbots, blaster drones, and mega turrets.
  • Change the color of your electroluminescent blades.
  • Charge up to unleash devastating EMP blasts!

bs-l-screen-05 bs-l-screen-08 bs-l-screen-06 bs-l-screen-07

Pricing & Availability

BladeShield is now available on SteamVR for $2.39, a 20% discount. On December 5, the full price of $2.99 will be in effect. BladeShield is compatible with Windows and requires an HTC Vive VR headset. –

About Rank17 rank17-logo-1080p

Rank17 is a development studio specializing in the fusion of VR games and adtech. The team at Rank17 is driven to develop immersive game-based experiences across the best virtual reality platforms — including HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Gear VR. With a passion for great gameplay, Rank17 creates crazy, fun games that unlock the potential of VR. We focus on high-value, exciting, pickup-and-play titles that will bring players back again and again. Founded in April 2016, Rank17 has already produced a diverse set of VR game titles including Armed Against the Undead, VR Baseball, Boo Breakers, and BladeShield. The company is privately held and financed by a group of startup veterans. To learn more about Rank17, please visit

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