Ultimate Media Ventures (UMV) to Revolutionize Premium Esports Lifestyle Apparel With New L.A. Streetwear Inspired “ULT” Brand

Dallas, Texas – June 9, 2016

Ultimate Media Ventures (UMV) – the VC-backed esports innovation company – today announced they will launch their first clothing line from their dedicated esports lifestyle brand ULT, at the Annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles on Monday, June 13, 2016.

ULT’s premier esports lifestyle collection “Kills” features premium design with custom hand-touched elements inspired by contemporary L.A. streetwear aesthetics. The line contains everyday wearables and limited edition products which include short- and long-sleeve tees, hats, hoodies and jackets, all designed with a fashionable minimalist approach for members and fans of the esports community.


On Monday, June 13th during E3 Week in Los Angeles, ULT will showcase their lifestyle apparel to a reception of gaming and mainstream media, esports pro teams, streamers, L.A. streetwear influencers and esports fans. The ULT esports official website will also go live and products will be available for the first time to the public at

“I stopped an esports fan from wearing his favorite team jersey, an all-over printed nylon baby blue shirt because he admitted that he would be embarrassed to wear it at school or out with his friends,” with ULT, we want to change that feeling through modern and minimal design, with streetwear sensibilities. We want the fans and players who wear our line to look and feel awesome while repping or showing support for their teams. The esports community is amazing, and they deserve truly fashionable gear that matches the high quality of the sport.” – Nate Eckman, co-founder of UMV and lead designer for ULT.


ULT premium products are all designed, stitched and printed in Los Angeles. The streetwear culture there is an inspiration to the design of ULT apparel, which features collaboration pieces with well-established designers like the world renowned crew, The Seventh Letter, contemporary artists and other streetwear brands. Next, ULT will launch a collection of technical training and competitive gear for esports players, teams and leagues. Additionally, a line of custom suits and ties called “Caster Couture” will cater to wearables and accessories suitable for esports casters, coaches and team owners.

“Many of our streetwear fans also love competitive video games so getting to collaborate with ULT esports makes perfect sense, and we are excited to offer that to the community,” – LA’s Fairfax fashion district icon and The Seventh Letter founder, Casey Zoltan.

About Ultimate Media Ventures

Ultimate is a highly specialized gaming and esports innovation company with services ranging from strategic consulting and content production to creating lifestyle products and event experiences. Our team has the ultimate ability to apply our extensive gaming and esports industry experience to help brand partners navigate the deeply nuanced global esports game community and culture. Ultimate features venture-backed innovations and initiatives in esports lifestyle apparel, news content, virtual reality (VR) and experiential design. In partnership with UMV Group is Dallas, TX-based Cedar Springs Capital headed up by Mr. Colin McGrady. To learn more about Ultimate Media Ventures, follow us on Instagram @ULTeSports and Twitter @ULTlosangeles. UMV’s brand of ULT esports gear and apparel is available at

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