Twisted Arrow is Putting the KABOOM in VR Bow + Arrow Shooters

The team behind the acclaimed Virtual Reality titles Final Approach and Final Approach: Pilot Edition are at it again. This time they’re cranking it into overdrive and delivering adrenaline pumping VR arcade action.

Twisted Arrow delivers jump-in-and-go gameplay that puts fun first and makes players feel like an action hero while providing entertaining, over-the-top explosive entertainment that tests player’s reflexes and accuracy.

Phaser Lock’s latest IP features a mission-based campaign with 4 to 6 hours of gameplay across six unique levels. The urban environment provides a dense, target-rich environment that allows players to travel through battlefields and over skyscrapers while dropping an arsenal of insane arrows into an insurgent force.

Outmanned and outgunned, you are the last line of defense against a high-tech, paramilitary force occupying your city. But don’t feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for the poor bastard that gets in your way! Armed with the Manticore, the military’s top secret combat bow, and an arsenal of over powered arrows, you will need to fight your way through an enemy armed with high-tech weapons armored mechs, attack drones, and a host of biological secrets yet to be uncovered in the remnants of a city on the brink of ruin. Your mission is simple: recon the city, rescue hostages, and get the hell out of dodge while eliminating any resistance with extreme prejudice

The Manticore is not only a bow; it’s your teleporter and shield. Locomotion is designed with strategically placed teleport-points across the map, providing players a variety of play-style options without restricting positioning. Players can dodge bullets, slow down time, and use their Nano-Shield for protection. Remember, it’s not about discovery or exploration, it’s about creating mayhem while leaving a path of destruction.

The studio plans to support the title with content updates, leaderboards, and achievements while monitoring fan feedback and suggestions for future DLC.

Twisted Arrow is available for purchase on HTC Vive and Oculus Touch platforms via Steam ( /app/494960/) and will be arriving soon on Oculus Home soon for the price of $19.99. The game will be discounted 25% for a special launch promotion.

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