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There’s a Secret in the Suburbs – tinyBuild Announces ‘Hello Neighbor’

A Stealth Horror Game About Sneaking Into Your Neighbor’s House. Figure out what he’s hiding in the basement while playing against an advanced, self-learning AI.

Introducing Hello Neighbor – You move into a new suburb, and realize your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only way to find out what it is, is to sneak into his house.

The problem is that the Neighbor has an advanced AI that learns from your every move. He will place traps, anticipate your movement, and scare the crap out of you. I guarantee it.

Developed by Dynamic Pixels in Russia, Hello Neighbor has been in development for some time. You may have seen some videos or screenshots before. Past year the project was in limbo until I played their original prototype and fell in love with the concept. TinyBuild is fully backing the dev team, and we’re collectively going full-speed towards releasing next summer.

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