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Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s “18: Dream World” now available on Apple devices

GameSamba has announced today that MOBCAST’s hit Japanese puzzle RPG, “18: Dream World”, is now available for Apple devices via the App Store. The previous Android release has also been updated, introducing new features and events to the game.

“18” was created with the help of legendary game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Lumines, Rez, Space Channel 5). It takes place in the mysterious Dream World, where players will form a team of characters from a cast of hundreds and journey through story-filled stages in order to unlock the truth about the Dream World, and the strange new disease that’s trapping people there.

Using a combination of RPG and puzzle mechanics, players must defeat and recruit a wide variety of enemies, as they grow their heroes’ power.

To celebrate the new launch, GameSamba will be offering a variety of in-game events and giveaways to players of both versions of “18”

Details on the promotions are available on the official “18: Dream World” Facebook page, and on the official GameSamba website.  Today, Funimation has also announced that they have acquired the “18if” anime, which is based on the art from the “18” franchise.  “18if” will premiere in July 2017, so stay tuned to Funimation’s Facebook page for more details as its premiere approaches.

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