TapStar Interactive Kicks Off IndieStar Program to Promote Indie Developers


San Francisco, CA – Today, TapStar Interactive announced their new IndieStar initiative that aims to discover and elevate excellent independent PC games and will launch with Reverie World Studios’ Kingdom Wars 2: Battles on March 4. Kingdom Wars 2: Battles, a unique massive-scale fantasy-RTS,  will arrive on digital platforms for $29.99 USD, with a limited retail release to follow.

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is a unique fantasy real-time strategy game that features massive siege combat, city building, three distinct races, MMO-style crafting and Zombie survival.  At launch, Reverie World will also be providing a suite of world and scenario editing tools, so that the community can truly make this game their own.

“With a very small indie team like ours, we have to focus on making the best game that we can, TapStar’s IndieStar program manages the marketing and promotion of our game, so we can spend all the time we can on development. We’re excited to partner with TapStar to help us reach more players.” –  Reverie Worlds Executive Producer Konstantin Fomenko

“Our goal with the IndieStar program is to support the independent development community and get the word out about innovative games that focus on gameplay with fanatical devotion, Reverie World are making a game that will be a treat for dedicated RTS fans.” –  TapStar CEO Chris Gray. 

About TapStar Interactive
Based in San Francisco with offices in Montreal, Canada; Salt Lake City, Utah; Luxembourg City and Saarbrucken, Germany, TapStar Interactive creates and publishes unique and innovative gaming experiences that appeal to a wide range of players. Its portfolio includes original games and licensed IP. TapStar works with talented game development teams from around the world, both for its own titles and for its third party publishing program.

About Reverie World Studios, Inc.
Reverie World Studios are a Toronto-based independent games developer drawing on a pool of talented people from around the world including industry veterans and ambitious newcomers alike. Reverie World Studios’ motto “Indie games for gamers by gamers” highlights the studio’s humble roots and commitment to working with its fan community to produce an exceptional gaming experience.

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