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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age for PS4


Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XII, originally released back in 2006 on the PlayStation 2 will see a HD remaster in the form of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, for the PS4.

The title will see a Japanese and Western release sometime in 2017. Currently the title has only been announced for the PS4 with no mention of the PS3, Vita or other consoles or platforms.

The remaster will be of the 2007 Japanese re-release Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System, so some of the improvements found in this remaster are already part of that re-release. This will be the first time North American gamers will be able to enjoy this version of the game.

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The title will feature numerous improvements such as:

  • Refreshed Battle System and updates to the Job system.
  • All new character growth system.
  • Overhauled background and character enhancements.
  • Higher Resolution Cutscenes.
  • Higher Resolution textures and fonts.27496108155_de411a0060_h
  • 7.1 channel sound support.
  • PS4 Trophy and Share Support.
  • New Map system.
  • Loading times have been vastly improved.
  • High quality voice acting with Japanese/English options.
  • Music will be available in two versions, the original and the newly re-recorded option.
  • The title will now have an auto-save feature.
  • An all new Turbo mode.
    ..and more!

Since the title is still in development, it is possible that these listed features may or may not change, and new features may be added or take the place of the ones listed here.

Get ready for a return to Ivalice in 2017!

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