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Red Deer Expo 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Being the first Red Deer Expo, I wanted to see if there were going to be very many cosplayers since Red Deer is a pretty small place. There were actually more people than I expected but wasn’t as many as I had hoped. The bright side of this was that I actually had a few moments to stop and talk with a couple groups of them, although didn’t actually get a chance to ask if they were local to Red Deer or had come from surrounding towns. I had even seen a few of them from previous conventions, like the Kylo Ren and old school Mystique, who I had seen at Calgary Expo cosplaying a facial scarred Kylo Ren and Rey costume.

I was also pleasantly surprised to also see a couple of people cosplaying Archer and Rin Tohsaka from the Fate series, since I don’t get to see as many anime cosplayers at Sci-Fi and Comic conventions. It’s also my favorite series of anime, so maybe I’m a little biased. I’ve also never seen Silk being cosplayed before, but maybe I just managed to not see them at previous conventions.

Maybe next year’s Red Deer Expo will see a much bigger turnout for cosplayers, but for now, I was glad to see some of the ingenuity of some of the cosplayers, and the attention to detail of others, for such a small convention. Hopefully we at Game Refraction will see you all again in a few months at Edmonton Expo as well, and if you see the guy with the Geek Squad badge, come say hello!


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