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Pixels literally explode in new Thimbleweed Park trailer

Aspiring game developer Delores Edmund is one of five playable characters in Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s new adventure game… and she’s here to warn you about Thimbleweed Park. (Spoiler: In this town, a dead body is the least of your problems.)

Lost along a dusty stretch of highway, Thimbleweed Park once boasted an opulent hotel, a vibrant business district, and the state’s largest pillow factory. Now it teeters on the edge of oblivion, stinking of a desperate longing to be what it once was. When a dead body turns up in the river, the federal agents sent to investigate are immediately suspicious of each other. Then a cursed clown, a jaded heiress, and the ghost of a pillow salesman get mixed up in the case and things start to get really weird.

ThimbleScreen20 ThimbleScreen19 ThimbleScreen18 ThimbleScreen17

Switching between these five playable characters, you’ll explore the vast, strange town of Thimbleweed Park, unravel a darkly humorous neo-noir mystery, and solve puzzles dreamed up by the creators of the very first Lucasfilm Games adventure, Maniac Mansion. But don’t worry! Ron, Gary, and team have learned a lot about game design since the Maniac Mansion days. Thimbleweed Park may look retro, but this is no dusty relic — it’s a modern game that reignites the warm, fuzzy feeling of playing a point & click adventure back when 8-bit was state of the art, puzzles were puzzles, and story ruled.

Thimbleweed Park will release in early 2017 for Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux. iOS, Android, and other platforms will follow.

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