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Nicalis Reveals Interactive VR Experience ‘Dimensional Intersection’ – Enter the Heart of the Music in a Mind-Altering 3D VR World

Dimensional Intersection

Santa Ana, Calif.—March 21, 2016—Nicalis Inc., a publisher known for its work on critically-acclaimed games such as The Binding of Isaac, 1001 Spikes and Cave Story, today announced that it will publish Dimensional Intersection for Steam, Oculus Rift and PlayStation®VR. Experience an ever-changing, intensely visual world synced to trance-oriented music this fall.

DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot08 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot06 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot04 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot02

Developed by Swedish studio, DNV, and tested in the psychedelic city of Anjuna in Goa, Dimensional Intersection is a transformation experience inside the heart of music. Featuring music from artists such as Soulacybin, Land Switcher and MONS, Dimensional Intersection will take participants to a new reality through surreal scenes filled with interactive real-time fractals, infinite tunnels and morphing 3D models.

“Dimensional Intersection is a crazy experience that distills music into the purest form, it’s being developed in a place very close to the origin of psytrance and that influence is evident in the game.” – Tyrone Rodriguez, Founder of Nicalis

Dimensional Intersection’s meditative gameplay syncs with the music and creates surreal environments that continuously morph and evolve over time, with a grand sense of scale in a physics-driven world. Dimensional Intersection is a truly unique journey where players will lose themselves while exploring new virtual realities.

DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot07 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot05 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot03 DimensionalIntersection_Screenshot01

The game is currently under development by DNV and slated to release later this fall. For more information on Dimensional Intersection, please visit http://www.dimensionalintersection.com/.

About Nicalis, Inc.

Based in Southern California and founded in 2007, Nicalis, Inc. is an independent developer and publisher with a proven track record for developing and publishing well-polished games. More information on Nicalis can be found at http://www.nicalis.com. Follow Nicalis at: http://www.twitter.com/nicalis

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