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Naruto Online awarded ‘Facebook Best Web Game of 2016’ and follows up with a brand new update

Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent publisher, today announced updated content for Naruto Online, the turn-based MMORPG for Windows PC.  Following its recent award for Facebook’s Best Web Game of 2016, NARUTO ONLINE will be receiving a host of additions to start the new year strong.  This 2.0 update will implement new features including changes to the Arena, new Main Character Talents, additions to the Home Interface and much more!

In the version 2.0 update, a new Season mode has been added which rewards players at the start of each new season based on the highest rank achieved in the previous season. Once a new Rank is reached, players will be awarded that Rank’s reward. Players will also be able to test lineups in the Arena’s Training Battle mode without worrying about losing Rank Points. Upon reaching level 55, a new ninja testing function will become available which will allow players to pick ninjas of their choice to try out in battle.

For a detailed list of the events and features included in the new update, please visit the NARUTO ONLINE Event Page.


NARUTO ONLINE is entirely set in the NARUTO universe, and faithfully follows the NARUTO story portrayed in the anime series.  NARUTO ONLINE adds five brand-new characters that represent the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning. Players can choose to become one of these characters and start a new adventure, gaining experience in a variety of different types of quests and gameplay modes. Players can also recruit from 170 familiar ninjas from the series including Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to build their own team.

NARUTO ONLINE includes a single player mode, multiplayer dungeons and giant Worldboss battles, giving players tons of ways to gain experience, obtain new items and enhance their characters—and their outfits!

In partnership with BANDAI NAMCO and Tencent, NARUTO ONLINE is published by Oasis Games in North America and Europe. The game is free-to-play and browser-based, requiring a PC and Internet connection and available via the Oasis Games portal and Facebook.  This game is not rated by the ESRB.

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