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Mobile Developer Dodreams Launches WiFi Multiplayer Feature To Widely Popular Gladiator Car Fight Drive Ahead! 

Helsinki, Finland, May 31st, 2016

Dodreams announced today the launch of the most fan-awaited update yet to its hugely popular mobile title, Drive Ahead!, introducing a cross-platform WiFi multiplayer feature to the game. The update went live during the weekend and currently Drive Ahead! has reached the top five iPad & iPhone racing games chart in over 60 countries, including UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The gladiatorial racing battler, with seventeen million downloads and over one million daily active players, has been conquering the vastly untouched local multiplayer mobile game genre during the past year with its rough yet retro style and its active and continuously growing 700,000-player fan community.

Drive Ahead! is a unique local multiplayer game which, in addition to single player sessions, lets players challenge each other in one-on-one battles around the same device. The single most requested feature by Drive Ahead! fans is the Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, which enables the players to go head to head against opponents via a local Wi-Fi network. This is the first step in taking the local multiplayer game into a real-time player versus player online multiplayer experience.

Drive Ahead! Wifi Multiplayer3 Drive Ahead! Wifi Multiplayer2

“We listen closely to our 700,000-strong fan community on Facebook and Everyplay, where the players enjoy sharing and watching each other’s wacky gameplay videos, so far the players have recorded and shared two million video clips on the Everyplay channel, making it the second most viewed game video channel on Everyplay.” – Erik Pontiskoski, Dodreams CEO.

Drive Ahead! is a strictly skill-based game. Players can access a wider selection of vehicles and unlock new arenas, but succeeding in the game is strictly based on head knocking talent and performance cannot be improved with money. This is also visible in the game’s retention figures; in order to succeed the only option is to practice and play more.

Download Drive Ahead! from the App Store and Google Play:

app_store_sales_rollover google_play_sales_rollover

About Dodreams:dodreams_logo

Dodreams is a Helsinki Finland based game development company founded in 2008. Dodreams games are about fun, excitement and fulfilling player’s dreams. The studio’s hit mobile game, Drive Ahead! was launched in May 2015  and with over one million daily active users, the game has since then been downloaded 17 million times and it has reached the #1 racing game position in 100 countries for the iPad.

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