Metroidvania-like MMO *StarBreak* now on Steam Greenlight! Play as an immortal A.I. and avenge humanity in this homage to 32-bit platformers


StarBreak — a frantic 2D side-scrolling MMO from one of the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Realm of the Mad God is now seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

StarBreak throws hordes of enemies, massive bosses, and treacherous levels at players in an homage to the best 32-bit platformers of their time. The game’s beautiful, handcrafted universe is a playground that allows dozens of players to complete missions together and explore virtually endless worlds. Survival depends on having plenty of team spirit, nerves of steel, and lightning-fast reflexes.

Take control of four unique combat Shells, each with its own play style, across more than seven environments:

  • Wildfire: Long-range combat expert packing an array of high-tech firearms.
  • Duskwing: Excels at air combat (and ideal for quick surgical strikes).
  • Ironclad: Meant to take a beating and dish it right back to the enemy with a variety of heavy weapons.
  • Fabricator: Enters the fray by creating devastating machinery that can tip the scale at a moment’s notice.

Should a Shell die in combat, the Spark can teleport back to the Eschaton Station and manifest itself in a new Shell allowing players to seamlessly swap between StarBreak’s different character classes. There’s no level grinding; instead, players are rewarded for skill, cooperation, and improvisation though the game’s clever loot system which features more than 200 items scattered throughout the universe.

temple1 strands1


Alexander Carobus, founder of Crunchy Games:

StarBreak is an MMO take on the Metroidvania sub-genre. Imagine having dozens of players tackling a level simultaneously, fighting bosses, and unearthing the best loot. The game takes things even further with a procedural level generation engine that ensures players never have to play the same level twice. If you’re a fan of 32-bit platformers with hand-drawn graphics and want to take friends along for the ride instead of playing alone you’re in for a nice surprise with StarBreak.”


The story behind the StarBreak universe is one of progress and annihilation: After reaching its technological apex, Humanity was wiped out by “The Watcher” the universe’s first super predator. An A.I. seed escapes Earth’s destruction and over the course of a few eons, it rescues Humanity by building the Eschaton Station. These resurrected humans no longer need corporeal bodies and instead live through their Spark their consciousness. Sparks can insert themselves into special combat Shells and use the Eschaton Station’s portal network to wage guerilla warfare against The Watcher and its allies.

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  • Four character classes with unique gameplay
    • Wildfire: Long-range combat expert.
    • Duskwing: Quick strikes; excels in the air.
    • Ironclad: Tanky character that can inflict and absorb huge amounts of damage.
    • Fabricator: Can create constructs to aid its allies.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn 2D environments and animations
  • 200+ items with countless variants
  • 7+ diverse environments
  • Epic boss battles
  • Tons of procedurally-generated maps
  • Native gamepad support
  • Original soundtrack


StarBreak is a browser-based, free to play game for Windows, Mac and Linux. If greenlit, the game will also be available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Founded in 2013 by Alexander Carobus, Crunchy Games is an indie studio hailing from Mountain View, California. Alexander is the lead designer and engineer, while Brian Bender runs the studio and is also responsible for level and enemy design. Prior to Crunchy, Alexander co-founded Wild Shadow Studios in 2009, where he co-created Realm of the Mad God. The team is laser-focused on innovative massively multiplayer online games that deliver awesome action, sharp, skill-based gameplay and insane amounts of fun. To learn more about Crunchy Games and StarBreak, please visit and

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