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Medieval Steampunk Tactical Turn-Based RPG ‘Acaratus’ Secures Funding to Launch in Steam Early Access


Ronneby, Sweden – February 25th, 2016 – Swedish indie developer Nodbrim Interactive today announced that Acaratus, its medieval steampunk tactical turn-based RPG, has launched on the Early Access stage and is now available through Steam for Windows PC. In Acaratus players build mechanized battle suits and fight to free an enslaved population. After winning Sweden’s Game Concept Challenge for independent developers, Nodbrim Interactive have secured funding to kick-start the development of Acaratus, where players’ strategic skills are put to the test in a beautiful, alternative Steampunk universe.

“Winning the Game Concept Challenge to make Acaratus a reality means so much to us as a team, we’ll continue to listen to what our steadily growing community wants in order to give them the truly unique strategy experience they deserve”. – Martin Kupski, Creative Director at Nodbrim Interactive. 

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Acaratus challenges players with multiple layers of strategy, urging them to plan a few steps ahead. Players have to construct their own mecha units from highly customizable modular attachments and decide between ranged, melee, boosters and defensive parts. Weapons range from war hammers to longer ranged projectile-based weapons, such as cannons. Ability card decks are also used by players as attack, defence or skill boosts to support their unique play styles and help them succeed in deep tactical turn-based gameplay. Combat takes place in a beautiful medieval steampunk setting with randomised maps, and players can also fight each other in the battle arenas.

Early Access will support both single and multiplayer modes. While single player mode will be limited only to skirmish, tutorial and a campaign teaser during Early Access, the full game launch will include an extensive campaign mode with a rich story and many more features that will be announced closer to the release date.

Acaratus is now available through Steam Early Access, priced at $24.99/£17.99/€20.99.

About Nodbrm InteractiveNodbrim_logo

Nodbrim Interactive is a small company based in Sweden with big dreams founded by two friends. They used creative ways to fund their project and participated  in a business incubator, winning an indie game competition called GCC (Game Concept Challenge) and received a government grant. The company has a trusted group of freelancers working internationally via the web. The ultimate goal of the team is to put out quality niche titles for PC and develop interesting games that make players ruminate.

About Acaratus

Acaratus is a tactical turn-based RPG set in a medieval steampunk world where players build their own mecha units (aka battle suits). They can customize these units to fit their play style by adding attachments and building a deck of ability cards and then explore the vast randomized world map and fight it out on grid-based battles. Essentially the game presents a mashup between Heroes of Might and Magic and Hearthstone.

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