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Marvel Heroes Is Two Years Old! Join Gazillion in Streaming the Revels!

Thursday, June 4 is a big day for Marvel Heroes 2015, and Gazillion is partying like it’s 2099! Celebrating its second anniversary, the free-to-play action-RPG welcomes copious amounts of new content, highlighted by the addition of Doctor Doom (playable character No. 48!). The development team will take part in a celebratory stream for the masses beginning at 10:00 a.m. PDT, and Gazillion invites the entire community to tune in or – better yet – to stream the game all day themselves. Shout-outs from the devs will be given to anyone streaming and tweeting with the hashtag #PlayMarvelHeroes.

New content highlights include the following (see attached fact sheet for more):

  • Playable Doctor Doom
  • “Team-Up 2.0” Revamp of the Team-Up System
  • Design Review for the Thing
  • Play as 47 Characters for FREE (Up to Level 10)
  • New Gifting Options, “Retcon” System Revamp and More!


MH2015_052215_DrDoom_9 MH2015_052215_TeamUp_4 MH2015_052215_Thing_3

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