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Infinity Wars: Reborn Deals Massive Content Update, Substantial Overhaul

BEIJING – July 21, 2016


Infinity Wars, a digital trading card game with fully-animated cards combating in 3D battlefields, has received an enormous content update and a nearly-complete overhaul of its art and user interface.

Currently in beta, Infinity Wars: Reborn has taken its first step towards launch on Windows and Mac via Steam by launching the first of four waves of the new Rebellion Card Set. Developer Lightmare Studios and publisher Yodo1 plan to take the game out of beta and release Reborn in Q4 2016.

July’s content update sports an expanded single-player campaign containing 21 missions. In addition to the new challenges, the campaign further develops Infinity Wars’ lore, which follows the interdimensional clash between eight playable factions.

Infinity Wars: Reborn’s beta update also expands on its predecessor’s player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay with the new Fixed Deck Arena mode, and introduces the first Designer Deck Bundle DLC, a set of six highly-competitive decks designed by ES, one of the top ranking players in the Infinity Wars community. Ideal for beginners, these decks were designed by top players in the community to level the playing field between newcomers and veterans.

IW_06 IW_04 IW_03 IW_01

By launch in Q4 2016 Infinity Wars: Reborn will introduce more than 100 new cards from the upcoming Rebellion Set; the first wave of these cards has arrived in this week’s update. These new cards will compliment the collection of over 750 cards currently available in the Infinity Wars universe.

“Many of Infinity Wars: Reborn’s improvements were inspired by feedback from thousands and thousands of players, with all-new game modes, cards, improved art, an entirely new campaign and a more intuitive interface, Infinity Wars: Reborn improves and expands on elements gamers loved while adding a host of new content.” – Ian Underwood, Lead Designer, Lightmare Studios

Infinity Wars Reborn is available now on Steam.

About Lightmare Studios

Lightmare Studios is a team dedicated to crafting hardcore strategic-minded games that are initially accessible to casual gamers. Led by its Principle Pillars, Lightmare works on redefining genre boundaries while assuring its standard of integrity and perfection is present in all aspects of its work.

 About Yodo1

Yodo1 is a leading global publisher dedicated to bringing a diverse portfolio of casual, midcore and hardcore titles to a massive worldwide audience.

Building off its success with Crossy Road, Yodo1 is setting its sights on helping talented teams from around the world make their titles into global hits.

Founded and led by veterans from Microsoft, Disney Interactive, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Activision, Yodo1 combines its strong industry background with its deep experience with Free to Play and Premium game markets to help indie developers create successful and sustainable games that are loved around the world

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