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IMGN.PRO becomes a global publisher of FPS horror Inner Chains, developed by Telepaths’ Tree. The game will launch in Q1 2017 on PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

“Inner Chains” is a FPS horror game that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The game set in a surreal, dark, and deadly biomechanical world that resembles nothing you have ever encountered. In the world of Inner Chains, you don’t get to set the rules. You are just a small part of a hostile, unwelcoming universe. If you want to survive, the only thing you can do is to try to discover its secrets

“It was a love at a first sight when we found out about the debut title from the Telepaths’ Tree guys. Imagine a dark world where HR Giger meets Zdzisław Beksiński, add a grim, dualistic story and AAA graphics to it – that’s what Inner Chains is all about. To be successful as a publisher nowadays you need to be excited about the games in your portfolio, and let me let you into a secret – today I’m excited as never before!” – Łukasz Kubiak, IMGN.

Improvements and updates which are currently being implemented to Inner Chains:

  • More differentiated environment with improved interaction.
  • More advanced flora – more interactive plants, both hostile and friendly.
  • Additional elements encouraging to explore the world of Inner Chains and its history.
  • Additional enemy types.
  • New mechanics of weapon-upgrade system.
  • Additional gameplay mechanics improving combat tactics.
  • General game mechanics improvement (especially combat).
  • More detailed locations.

“Inner Chains” main features:

  • Unprecedented methods of interaction between weapons, their users, and the environment.
  • A dark biomechanical world where both fauna and flora lie in wait for your slightest stumble.
  • VR Support.
  • Stunning surreal visual style.
  • Deadly, intelligent, and challenging opponents.
  • Unusual locations with their own unique stories.
  • A dense, suggestive atmosphere of terror, magnified by the great soundtrack composed by Michal Staczkun.
  • Subtle thriller elements that will fill you with fear in unusual, inventive ways.
  • Thrilling action combined with an interesting, hair-raising story.
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