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Happy Happy!  Happy Dungeons Season One Finale Live Today

Toylogic Inc., a prominent game developer based in Tokyo, has today announced the release of the two final chapters (Chapter 9 and 10) to conclude Season One of Happy Dungeons for Xbox One. Originally available earlier this year as an Xbox One Game Preview title, this crazy sequel to the incredibly popular and first-ever free-to-play game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One is infusing the dungeon crawling genre with a much needed dose of accessibility, originality, and imagination. Happy Dungeons’ Season One Finale is available now exclusively for Xbox One.

“Happy Dungeons’ Season One finale represents an amazing culmination of a six-month long collaboration between our development team and players from around the world, we’ve never been closer to our fans than we are today and hope to both grow and expand that relationship as well as encourage new players to join us on our wacky and wild adventures in the Happy Universe.  In the meantime, we’re excited to see what the community thinks of our combined efforts with the final two chapters of Season One.”  –  Yoichi Take, President and Executive Director, Toylogic. 

happy-dungeons20 happy-dungeons10 happy-dungeons07 happy-dungeons06

The Season ender update includes the Infinite Dungeon, an all-new game mode that challenges the best of the best Happy Dungeoners to play randomly generated zones requiring greater skills and delivering more replay value, new Awakening Items – that have the power to supercharge or “awaken” certain weapons, a host of new Achievements, equipment, items and polish that brings the full “Happy” experience to life.  The addition of Chapters 9 and 10 brings Season One to a close…or does it?  Check in online and play to find out!

Toylogic’s over-arching gameplay vision with the Happy Universe is to deliver highly accessible, compelling and exciting gameplay experiences in friendly, social, couch co-op settings.  Much like its predecessor, Happy Dungeons delivers on all fronts now that the final chapters of Season One are complete:  players can enjoy 10 action-packed chapters, more than 50 designed dungeons; not to mention, an endless amount of new procedurally generated dungeons with the new Infinite Dungeon mode; three mighty classes – the powerful Warrior, the arcane Mage and the devout Cleric; a wide variety of enemy races and types including goblins, aliens, monsters and other comical humans; hundreds of different skills offering even more customizable combinations and more than a thousand unique and powerful items that ensure hours of hacking and slashing fun.  And, for the entire month of December, in celebration of bringing 2016 to a close, Toylogic is offering the in-game currency affectionately known as Happy Cards at 50% of its standard pricing.  Fans rejoice!

happy-dungeons05 happy-dungeons02 happy-dungeons-17 happy-dungeons-14

Happy Dungeons Season One Finale is available now exclusively for Xbox One. For more information about Happy Dungeons visit

About Toylogic

Toylogic was founded on two principles “Toy” and “Logic”.  The Company was born in the spirit of creating “Enjoyment, Surprise and Impression”. Inspired by the quest for technologies and passion for creation, the company offers a wide variety of entertainment across all genres through breathtaking spectacle images, heartwarming stories and exciting new games that can be played by families, friends and gamers of all ages and from all around the world.

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