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Gamious releases new video ‘The Visual Evolution of Turmoil’ documenting the game’s visual progression from prototype through Early Access to its current state.

Turmoil logo

Amsterdam, 5 Nov 2015: Gamious, a small Dutch game developer, is thrilled with the development progress of Turmoil on Steam’s Early Access. The game has gone through a myriad of visual and content updates, based on community feedback. It has inspired Gamious to make lots of gameplay improvements, including new underground resources like gas and diamonds, a metagame, adding in-game statistics, bribes and kickbacks, special effects and music. In total, 14 updates have been pushed live in the last 22 weeks.

Since its debut on June 5th the game has sold almost 20,000 copies at a $9.99 sticker price with a very positive user rating of 89%.

The studio today released a new video showing the visual progress of Turmoil, starting with the very first playable prototype right through to its current state with a completely overhauled user interface and brand new animations.

 “We truly feel like Turmoil is an example of how, when done right, Early Access can make a tremendous difference for small development studios” said Jos Bouman, Creative Director. “Community feedback has deeply impacted and shaped our vision for the game, while the revenue has given us the assurance to safely go all-in on Turmoil. Much of this would not have been possible otherwise.”

Turmoil is planned to be released in the first half of 2016 and will continuously be updated until that time. Gamious is working on an evolving story line, a stock buying system and new mining mechanics.

Turmoilscreen1 Turmoilscreen3

About Turmoil

offers players a visually charming, tongue-in-cheek take on the simulation genre inspired by the 19th century oil rush in North America. Get a taste of the rivalry of the time as you earn your way to become the town’s richest oil baron. Search for oil using a dowser, mole or scanner. Once found, you can build a rig, create a pipe network to bring up the oil, and store it in silos waiting for the right time to sell. Every level is time-based, so buy upgrades to sell more oil faster than your rivals. As the mining seasons float by, the town goes through different stages of growth. New upgrades become available, as well as new territories with oil rich grounds.

Turmoilscreen4 Turmoilscreen2

Turmoil_01 Turmoil_02

About GamiousGlamious Logo

We are Gamious, a small Amsterdam-based game developer. We create original games with pure gameplay – games we love to play ourselves. Every game we deliver is the result of the collaborative effort of a small team. These teams consist of people with the right skills, experience and an absolute passion for that specific game genre. We either self-publish, work with publishers, or a mix between these two, to get the games to the right platforms.

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