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Expeditions: Viking – Logic Artists has announced its collaboration with multi-award winning composer. Playable demo available at PAX East, Boston

After announcing the release date for Expeditions: Viking as April 27th, Logic Artists – the team behind the Expeditions series – strikes again with another big announcement: The studio is proud to reveal to the public their collaboration with composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen in bringing the world of Expeditions: Viking to life. With his multi-award winning score for the Age of Conan series and acclaimed soundtrack for Lords of the Fallen, Logic Artists is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented composer.

“When I was first approached to work on this project I thought it was very interesting that it was about Vikings. Scandinavians have a very rich heritage, both historical and literary, and I thought it was good to be part of a project that could show some of this heritage to the rest of the world.” – Knut had this to say about scoring Expeditions: Viking

Expeditions: Viking features an intimate score with highlights from the ancient Norwegian instrument the bukkehorn (goat horn) over a string orchestra, as well as a variety of other brilliant solo performances on contemporary instruments.

“The truly memorable audio experiences in games are the ones which have hooks in them that you want to hear over and over again, and that is very easy to get wrong. You need to make sure that what players hear is interesting enough and has enough layers that they will never really get tired of it. We wanted a kind of intimate score and we were extremely lucky that Knut Avenstroup Haugen was interested in doing the project.” – Nils Iver Holtar – Sound Designer and Programmer

The results of the collaboration bring a unique approach to sound design in games, where the music and soundscape work together to immerse players in a bold and interesting experience that features a blend of hostile environments and beautiful music. Logic Artists invites everyone to visit their booth #10037 at PAX East in Boston on March 10th–12th to play the game and listen to its captivating soundtrack while traversing the world of Expeditions: Viking.


Expeditions: Viking is the highly anticipated sequel to Logic Artists’ PC debut title Expeditions: Conquistador. In Expeditions: Viking, you take on the role of the leader of a modest Norse village. Consolidate your power as your neighbors plot against you, and cross the sea to explore the kingdoms of the British Isles where wealth and power await. Launch raids to plunder monasteries and villages, or establish trade routes and political alliances on your adventures throughout the Norse lands and beyond. This second installment to the Expeditions series takes you to the dawn of the Viking Age, where you must carve your name into the annals of history. Trader or Tyrant? You decide.

Expeditions: Viking will be available on Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, the Humble Store, and in selected stores worldwide. Polish publisher IMGN.PRO is responsible for retail distribution of the game.

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