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E3 2017 – Life is Strange: Before the Storm announced on Microsoft E3 stage.

The first Life is Strange was a truly fantastic experience and rumors about a prequel started swirling not too long ago and it was today on the Microsoft E3 stage that those rumors were shown to be true.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will release its first of three episodes on August 31st.

The prequel will detail events before the first game regarding the friendship between Chloe and Rachel. If you’ve played the first title, you will know that the whereabouts regarding Rachel, was a major part of the plot.

The main question about this prequel is whether or not there will be time travel abilities this time around. Another question is what sorts of surprises are we in store for considering we know certain parts of the story based on what we experienced in the first game.

One more bit of information regarding this prequel is that it is not being developed by Dontnod, as the original team is currently working on a Life is Strange sequel.


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