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E3 2016: Ubisoft E3 Conference

Ubisoft started their E3 Conference like they do every year with some song and dance number to promote Just Dance, so let’s get on with the show.

Just Dance

Dancers filled the stage to show off Just Dance, a franchise that is somehow still around. They showed absolutely no gameplay or any information regarding the game.

Ghost Recon Wild lands

Set in a world where the Mexican Drug Cartel is using a type of plant to create more pure cocaine, you are sent into take down targets and either kill them, or extract them for information. They showed off a terribly scripted gameplay section of the map with gamers that don’t talk like gamers and while the game looked really fun, the chatter between these players was just awful and unrealistic.

They opened with an awesome pre-rendered cutscene showing the tone of the game. While the game is set in an open world for 4 player co-op, I am not sure how the game will handle its single player campaign considering the resources needed to extract and what-have-you, but I guess more info regarding that will eventually show up.

The freedom of how you complete a mission looks fantastic and feels like a cross between The Division and Far Cry in both mechanics and gameplay.

Track your targets this March on PS4, PC and Xbox One.


South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

First off, this title looks amazing. The video showcased a ton of F-bombs and the gameplay looks stellar. Set after the events of the past game, you still play as the new kid, but this time instead of fantasy tropes being made fun of, it is time for the super hero theme to kick in.

The kids are at each other’s throats when they can’t decide on their slate of Movie Phase films, ala Marvel Studios. You’ll craft your new kid in the form of a Super Hero, and while it is unclear if you can join sides, you’ll still get caught up in the rivalry between factions.

The game will ship with the original Stick of Truth included, and if you pre-order now, you’ll get instant access to the title on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Come on down to South Park December 6th on PS4, PC and Xbox One.


The Division

The new Underground DLC launches June 28th on Xbox One and August 2nd on PC and PS4. This new content features randomly generated missions to shake up the variety and new costumes from Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six are on the way.

They also showed off Survival, the following Expansion pack with a pretty nice cutscene, but no gameplay.

Eagle Flight VR

They had a 3 on 3 capture the flag battle via VR headsets on stage in a game where you fly around as Eagles. It looked unimpressive.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR

Have you ever want to captain a star ship of your very own? Did you want crew members raising and lowering shields and firing lasers? How about in a graphically disappointing environment? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are in for a treat. I wasn’t impressed with the trailer and gameplay shown, but it could be entertaining, so we shall see. Look for Star Trek: Bridge Crew this fall for VR headsets.

For Honor

Desperation drives us to war, and it is during these times that we can only trust ourselves. This is the basic concept behind For Honor. While other events are steering the three factions: Samurai, Black Stone Legion and the Vikings to war, you’ll pick your side and take your champion to battle. This game looks fairly impressive, but I’d like to see more about the single player aspect to the game that was announced.

For Honor releases Valentines day, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


Grow up

Play as Bud, a red robot with dreams. Platform jumping, some flying aspects and a planetary playground await you this August on PS4 and Xbox One.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

OK, this presentation was bizarre. But Imagine if you will, Motorbikes and Dragons. Add flashy colors and crazy effects and well, that’s about it. Enjoy it now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed: The Movie

They showed off a short behind the scenes clip that showed a few seconds more of footage from the movie.

Watchdogs 2

Despite Sony and Ubisoft stating that the first Watchdogs was a success, sales and the community say different, Despite this, Ubisoft went ahead and made a sequel, and it looks far better than the first game. You play as a whole new character, a hacker for dedsec. I loved the gameplay trailer, which was actually gameplay this time, aww, Ubisoft, you listened to us. Thanks.

They also announced that the Watchdog movie is still in the works.

DLC will also be available for a whole month early on PS4, but did not state what the DLC will entail, so yeah.

Get your Watchdog on this November 15th, 2016.




When Ubisoft announced they were ending the show with a new IP, people were totally psyched. Then they showed off their extreme snow sport game Steep and the crowd quieted down.

This open world, challenge making and bone breaking snow sport game visually looks pretty decent, but as SSX and other snow sport games have shown, the interest isn’t as impressive as you would think.

Challenge your friends this December.

Ubisoft’s conference was less than impressive. South Park looks great, Ghost Recon: Wild Lands looks good, as does For Honor. Everything else just looks sub par and generic and just didn’t impress. This just wasn’t a good showing for Ubisoft this year.

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