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E3 2016 – Jeff’s Top Five of E3:

E3 has come and gone this year and while not everything looked exciting, there were some fantastic showings this year. For myself, this is my top five as well as a selection of other titles that just didn’t quite make it.

Top Five:

5. Recorerecore

Recore was a title shown off last E3 in just cutscene form as it was said to have been very early in development. Microsoft finally showed it off this year and it looks fantastic. The title in a lot of ways plays like a 3D Mega Man game. You’ll meet a variety of Robot’s that will join your side and assist you in finding out what has happened to the world while your character has been asleep. The gameplay and visuals look great and the combat system and platforming look to be very enjoyable. This is one of my most anticipated titles and it arrives in stores this September.

4.  GwentGwent

I can always hear the Gwent theme music in my head. I’ve never been a huge card game fan, at all. Hearthstone and Magic just don’t interest me, but Gwent? You bet! Playing Witcher 3, there were days I would spend in the game and just play Gwent, sure I had some monster to slay or some quest to complete, but those would have to wait, I had me a Gwent game going on. I actually own all four faction decks and a custom made Gwent board for real life play. The fact that this game is going to have a full story mode for all four factions, new cards and new artwork added… You had me at hello…

3. Horizon – Zero DawnZero Dawn

This was my game of show last E3 and it was so close to being it again. Guerrilla Games, the folks behind those Killzone games have introduced us to a brand new IP. Robotic dinosaurs and early era civilization cave-man type stuff? Together? With a female protagonist? It’s like my brain made this. Visually, this is the best looking title I’ve seen at the show and I am super pumped to play this game next year.

2. Spider-Man PS4Spidey

Spider-Man and Insomniac? If there is a better combination of two things working together, I just don’t know. This surprise announced title looks fantastic and the suit is really eye-popping. I’m excited to see what they bring to this as so far it looks stunning based on this trailer alone. It is not a movie cross-over as reports indicate this is a well experienced Spider-Man. If their Spider-Man looks this good, I can’t wait to see what the villains look like.

1.  The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the WildZelda

Easily my favorite game of the show. It’s one thing to release a new Zelda game at E3, but another one to complete redesign what a Zelda game is. Kudos to Nintendo for taking such a huge risk with a beloved franchise. Shield riding, wall climbing, food eating and the ability to equip new gear items with breakable weapons? Whaaaat? This looks amazing, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch another 3-4 hours of gameplay..

Honorable Mentions:

Battlefield 1: Very excited for this, looks really enjoyable. 64 Player multiplayer and a DICE made campaign with destructible environments.. may have drooled a little.

Gears of War 4: A much better showing this E3, as the title is looking much further along. Lots of new weapons and gameplay mechanics make this title look better than ever. And old man Marcus? Hell yeah!

God of War: I have always enjoyed the God of War games, and this time it’s Norse Mythology? Sweet. The reveal of this game almost gave me a heart attack, it was handled so well.

Injustice 2: With the inclusion of armor components and a much richer cast, this looks awesome. I still feel that Supergirl and Flash should be voiced by their TV actors, but regardless this game looks great.

Mass Effect – Andromeda: Had they shown more gameplay then this may have been part of my top five, but while this title looks incredible, I just want to see more footage and learn more about the gameplay mechanics and RPG system this time around.

Prey: Cautious about this title as it is a refreshed reboot of the series, I loved what Prey 2 looked like years ago before it was canceled, so hopefully this game looks good. Fun Fact: I still have a Prey 2 T-Shirt from Pax Prime.

We Happy Few: This game looks visually creepy and plays as such. Looks great. Reminded me of Bioshock in some ways.

Resident Evil 7: Played the demo and was intrigued, hopefully this game is as scary as it claims. I also hope it still feels like a Resident Evil game when it launches next year. Also heard the VR version made you dizzy, which I hope they fix for its release on Playstation VR.

Scalebound: A Xbox One exclusive that looks really awesome, and with 4 player co-op written into the story, that just sounds amazing. I love the design work that has gone into this game and the action looks incredible.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole: I mean, who isn’t excited for this? Ripping on the Marvel Movie slate of films and its competition with DC films, the story in this game looks to just be so much fun.

Titanfall 2: Finally a story mode, let’s hope it isn’t just 3-4 hours long. New mechs and new abilities look to make this game better than ever. But seriously.. It better have a good story mode.

This was my top five as well as titles that I am eager to get my hands on. What titles at E3 are you excited about? Comment down below!

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