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Dungeon Crawling in Super Dungeon Tactics is a Multi-Encounter Affair, Plan Wisely!

Super Dungeon Tactics by Underbite Games is all about adding a unique, story-focused spin to the traditional and much-loved mechanics of dungeon crawlers. Heroes, prepare for challenging multi-encounter experiences as you uncover a grand story of good versus evil. Super Dungeon Tactics is redefining turn-based dungeon crawlers later this fall on Windows PC, Linux and Mac – here’s how!

Each scenario is dynamic, as encounters vary in size, enemy types, arenas and objectives. Super Dungeon Tactics strays from tradition and offers successive multi-part missions instead of single arenas. Plan accordingly, as things get crazy going into battle after battle. You’ll have respite, but not for long. There is no rest in the fight against evil! Decisions you make in one encounter may very well determine your rise to victory in the next, or lead to unfortunate doom


In most occasions, Super Dungeon Tactics will give the player access to their entire party for multiple encounter fights. In some instances, party members may have to split from each other and fight enemies in smaller units as they progress through a level. Perhaps round one and two has six heroes fighting their way to victory, but rounds three and four may reduce those numbers into two separate parties of three. This raises the excitement of the adventure, requiring you to navigate through encounters with an always-changing roster of heroes.

A set party is never a sure thing, either. Local townspeople may jump into the brawl to aide heroes in unique encounters. New heroes may even introduce themselves in the heat of battle, as there is nothing ever certain about the adventure in Super Dungeon Tactics!

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