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Defeat the Grey Plague in BATTLE FOR CANDORA – a family-made CCG arriving on the App Store today

Assemble the ultimate deck and land on the colorful alien world of Candora to stop the food coma-like disease known as the “Grey Plague” in this charming take on turn-based strategy 🙂

In Battle for Candora, take food fights to a whole new level with a series of tactical battles fought against the Grey — a race of alien beings that has successfully hooked humanity on sugary treats. In desperate need of a cure, a small group of humans sets off to the candy-themed world of Candora in search of the rare Gluconium-6 — the only substance known to be effective against the disease. Unfortunately, the enemy is aware and has brainwashed the peaceful residents of the planet — turning them hostile.

Wielding a card deck populated by tasty food and famous earthlings (including George Washington, Captain Hook, Spartacus, and more), it’s now time to take the fight to the Grey! To begin, simply place up to three Champion cards — each with unique abilities and weapons — on the battlefield (one in an attack position and two in support). With a limited amount of energy, you’ll need to strategically move your characters around the battlefield, trigger their abilities, and know when to go in the offense to claim victory in more than 65 missions across the 12 unique zones of Candora.

Need to beef up your deck? Enter Gauntlet mode for only $0.99 to test your strategic mettle and earn card packs. You’ll draft a one-off deck to battle some of Candora’s toughest inhabitants — winning up to four card packs to enhance your main deck. With a tactical mind and smart eating habits, it’s up to you to rid humanity of the Grey Plague!

Part of Five

OnOff Gaming was founded in 2011 by Barry and Sheila Bloom to give their kids real-world experience in game development. The studio serves as a family-driven incubator focusing on project management and entrepreneurship:

  • Barry Bloom: design & programming
  • Sheila Bloom: design & business
  • Connor Bloom (age 16): design & animation
  • Charlie Bloom (age 15): art & music
  • Chandler Bloom (age 12): design & testing

“With Battle for Candora, we wanted to give gamers of all ages an original, full-featured CCG they can play on the go. Making this game with my family has been incredibly rewarding. I have faith that Battle for Candora will find an audience — and I hope players enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!” – Barry Bloom, game design/programming lead, OnOff Gaming

Key Features

  • Enjoy 200+ collectible cards (including 25 cards created from more than 50 unique parts).
  • Battle your way through 65+ missions in the single-player campaign.
  • Earn exciting rewards in a replayable Gauntlet-style challenge mode.
  • Enjoy a completely original soundscape (including 12 unique tracks).
  • Immerse yourself in exciting, story-driven quests with fun rewards and enjoyable  cutscenes.
  • Build impressive decks with a quick, easy-to-learn deck-building system.
  • Construct themed decks to wield 6 special powers.

Pricing & Availability

Battle for Candora is launching on iOS today. The game is free-to-play with paid card purchases (singles & packs). Gauntlet mode can be unlocked for only $0.99.

About OnOff Gaming

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2011, OnOff Gaming is a family business that creates indie games for mobile devices. The studio’s goal is to make great games, while also moving the traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ family business to the Internet age. Game development is used as a way to teach the children about entrepreneurship and provide them with the skills necessary for success. Battle for Candora is the team’s first title. To learn more about OnOff Gaming, please visit

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