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Corgi Warlock Now Available on Steam for Windows PC

Dec 3, 2015 – Based on a true story*, Xander’s Corgi Arcade is proud to announce the release of Corgi Warlock. Help Maya, the magical corgi, battle her way through hordes of enemies to defeat the evil Bunny King. From the mind and talent of a former Pixar animator comes the cutest game of magical corgis ever made. Find it on Steam for $6.99 at

*True story in that Maya is a Corgi and she does, in fact, fight “the evil bunny king” as shown here:

The Bunny King has raised an army and only Maya can stop him. At his disposal are narwhals throwing their horns, sheep with torches and sharp objects, salamander rogues and 67 other adorable yet deadly enemies.  Maya is not alone in her quest though, with help from the prophet Pig-J, a magic pug, and a fish mage, the greatest corgi warlock in history will have all the tools and friends she needs to bring low this evil threat.

Corgi Warlock supports up to 4 players in local co-op with full controller support. With big bosses, tons of adorable enemies, and one dangerous Bunny King, there’s plenty of family friendly content. Take a break from battling the horde to try out Battle Mode and go head to head in local multiplayer combat as well! Get it on Steam at and give a corgi a helping hand!

CorgiWarlock_01 CorgiWarlock_02 CorgiWarlock_03 CorgiWarlock_04

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