Corgi Warlock Graphics & Gameplay Update!

Dec 28, 2015 – Corgi Warlock, currently 50% off during the Steam Winter Sale, ( recieved a major holiday update that improved several key facets of the adorable side scrolling platformer. The largest part of the update improves ground textures and tightens up keyboard controls immensely. Additionally this wintery update brings a variety of bug and gameplay fixes.


Meet Maia, she’s an adorable Corgi and also the most powerful warlock in the land. It’s going to be up to her and her pals, Prophet Pig-J, The Magic Pug, and Fish Mage to defeat the evil Bunny King. The King has made a pact with evil and the entire kingdom is in peril from his horde of dangerous, occasionally awkward, minions. Fight your way through stabby narwhals, sheep armed with pitchforks and torches, dragons, vampires, spiders, and 70 or so more adorable enemies.


Corgi Warlock comes from Xander’s Corgi Arcade, a one man indie studio and former Pixar animator. The main character, Maia, is based on his actual Corgi, which has its own rabid, excuse that poor choice of words, following at Follow along in the cute and adorable real world exploits of Maia or play as the fantastical Corgi Warlock  at

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