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Brave Frontier Global Gets into the Halloween Spirit and Kicks off its 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

gumi Inc.’s Brave Frontier Global has got into the festive spirit and rolled out its Halloween and 3rd Anniversary updates today.


Starting from October 27 to November 8, players can enjoy the spooktacular new look in-game, enjoy a variety of treats as well as recruit Abyssal Witch Ciara (Ciara’s Omni Evolution upgrade) and Fallen Knight Galtier – the special Global Exclusive 7* Halloween unit available for a limited time period – at the Summon Gates.

Denizens of the dark, Ciara or Galtier will stand guard at the ‘Hellborn Nightmare’ dungeon. Players who dare challenge them and survived to tell the tale will be handsomely rewarded with the rare materials needed to craft Ominous Orb and Demonic Skull, the new Halloween Spheres.

Brave Frontier Global’s exuberant 3rd Anniversary celebrations has kicked off. From October 21 to December 9, fans will be thrilled by the array of commemorative content and unique in-game rewards that are in place to thank the community for their support:

  • Anniversary Login Bonus Campaign: Players can claim unique prizes when they log in during any of the 30 days in the campaign period, to receive:
    – Global Exclusive Elgifs, up to 15 Gems, 1 Summon Ticket and more!
    – FREE Unit of Choice upon meeting 30 Day Log In requirement (More info at
  • Player’s Polled First Choice, Zenia receives an Omni Evolution Upgrade and a unique unlockable Alternate Portrait Art
  • Rerun of the Top 3 Players Choice’s Vortex and Dungeons
  • ‘Souls Training Ground’ Dungeon is accessible with Half Energy and Double EXP reward from October 31 to November 6
  • New Items, Giveaways, Limited Time Offers and more!

An exciting new feature and Global Premiere 3rd Anniversary Collaboration awaits and will be revealed in November.

zenia-unit-unlockable-alt-portrait-art omni-evolved-ruinous-despoiler-galtier ciara-omni-evolution-upgraded 7-star-fallen-knight-galtier

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