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Banner Saga Warbands Boardgame Magic!


Indie teams unite!! The critically acclaimed video game The Banner Saga is getting a board game.  Stoic and MegaCon Games are getting the word out that the Kickstarter for The Banner Saga Warbands, a miniatures board game, is set to go live on November 12th.  In partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil, both studios came together late last year with the desire to create a fun miniatures board game in the Banner Saga world.

 MegaCon Games has been designing the Banner Saga Warbands for close to a year.  Working closely with Stoic, they have created a miniatures board game that captures the spirit of The Banner Saga where hard choices have serious consequences.  These last couple of months the prototypes for the miniatures, boards and cards have been worked on and finalized.  Now, they are geared up for the Kickstarter campaign where the teams hope to secure funding to go to manufacturing.   Gamers can expect a high quality, beautifully crafted diceless board game experience with tactical skirmish combat.

 A website has been set up at www.bannersagawarbands.com for fans to receive more information as it becomes available.

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