Announcing Party Hard Tycoon: build and manage your own nightclub

Build and manage your own nightclub in Party Hard Tycoon, the most accurate nightclub simulation game of the year!  Expanding upon the AI & hilarious setups of last year’s cult-hit Party Hard, the game takes a Tycoon-style look at what it’s like to be a professional party-runner.

  • Build the perfect party
  • Pick a theme & figure out your marekting strategy
  • Build out the layout with accurate speaker simulation
  • Don’t forget about security, entertainment and booze
About Party Hard & how we got to a Tycoon

The original Party Hard released last August, and since then we spent an enormous amount of time expanding the game (we added the free Afterparty Expansion, and then Workshop Integration), optimizing it for consoles (released on PS4 & Xbox One), and most recently we optimized the game even further with the upcoming Party Hard Go — the mobile version of the party stopper.

With the optimized engine, we’re finally able to dig deeper into simulating more complex AI for the crowd. So we took what was most fun about the Workshop integration — building your own parties, and created a Tycoon game around that experience.

Inviting streamers to help stress-test upcoming features

Party Hard pioneered Twitch Integration for video games, and rest assured that we’re working on something new in that regard. We’ll be reaching out to streamers soon to stress-test some features, so if you’d like to participate, do let us know. We’re looking for streamers that have a few thousand viewers.

Playable at Gamescom

The development team is at Gamescom right now showcasing the first ever build of Party Hard Tycoon. They’re in the Indie Arena, so if you’re around – stop by.

Playable at PAX West

We’ll have our stupid-bright-orange-booth again, and this time it’ll be bigger and brighter. You won’t be able to miss it next to the Indie Megabooth.

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