All New Update Coming to Kick & Fennick on PS4 and Xbox One

Abstraction Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have today launched a new update to their popular platformer, Kick & Fennick. The update fixes some achievement / trophy issues on the Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system versions of the game, along with adding three new costumes for the game’s hero, Kick. The new costumes are a free addition to the update, which is available for download now.

Kick & Fennick tells the story of a young boy named Kick who finds himself waking up in a bright and colorful, yet dangerous world. Armed with a giant gun that can be used to shoot down enemy robots, while also allowing him to make huge jumps using the weapon’s powerful recoil, Kick searches for a way to the highest tower in the city to find a new energy core for Fennick, his helpful flying robot friend. Together they must explore this strange new world, jumping and shooting their way through 45 levels of collapsed skyscrapers, treadmills, bounce-pads, magnets, teleporters, and a big guard robot that are out to stop Kick at all costs.

kickfennick_01 kickfennick_02 kickfennick_04 kickfennick_05

Key features of Kick & Fennick include:
  • Players take on the role of Kick and must use a combination of jumping and blasting to navigate all 45 levels and find their way to the Core Tower to save Fennick.
  • Marvel at the brightly colored world of Kick & Fennick, with inspired character design, intricate and delightfully chaotic levels, highly-detailed animations, and a cinematic camera system that dynamically follows all of the action.

Kick & Fennick offers up challenging platforming adventures and puzzles that will keep gamers of all ages and skill levels engaged without throwing their controller in frustration.


Abstraction successfully bridges the gap between the major AAA publishers and the small, bootstrapped independent development teams. As it is essentially an independent development studio, Abstraction is plugged into the indie scene and knows which games and developers are worth paying attention to. Abstraction has strong publisher and first party relationships from its history of working on large adaptations, such as Angry Birds, Hotline Miami and Deadlight Director’s Cut. With several major adaptations under its belt, Abstraction Games looks to continue to establish itself as a leader in the space, while also working on their own projects and games in the near future. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @AbstractionGame.


Jaywalkers Interactive is a two-man game development studio based in The Netherlands, made up of Vincent Bonefaas and Laurens Bruins. Founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2011, Jaywalkers Interactive are best known as the creators of Blue Marble, Kick & Fennick, and Arizona Sunshine. For more information, please visit

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