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Adorable Point & Click, Woven, Launches on Kickstarter – A Yarn of Friendship, Adventure & Creativity.

Alterego Games and Digital Forest are pleased to announce that the wonderfully woollen point and click adventure, Woven, is now live on Kickstarter.


Woven is a modern take on a point and click adventure game in which you explore a seamingly safe knitted world, where stuffed animals live. As a player you continuously customize your character by mixing different body parts to solve puzzles and bravely confront the dangers that lurk beneath the soft surface.

 “We’ve been working for the last year on getting together a playable build of Woven, to show what exactly it is we’re aiming to achieve with the game. The team and I are incredibly excited to share this with the public on the launch of our Kickstarter and we hope that you love the game. We are all totally committed to make Woven as much of a unique experience, for everyone who plays it, as possible. No compromises will be taken when it comes to the feeling we want you to have while playing. With Kickstarter we hope to create a game we that truly believe in and it also gives us the option of giving the player an absolute and undiluted experience without making any form of compromise to a third party. – Vincent da Silva, Creative Director of Woven.

Woven is set in a world that consists solely out of wool, cotton and other types fabrics. You take control of a mysterious little metal robot named Glitch and meet Stuffy, a stuffed animal in the shape of an elephant. Together you set out to unravel the mystery of Glitch’s origin and discover things both amazing and terrifying, that binds the duo’s fate.

vulcano snakeconfront screenshot3 meadowseggnut

Don’t Be Spoolish – Support Woven on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter –
Steam page –

About Alterego Games & Digital Forest

Alterego Games – a young studio founded by Matthijs Kramer and Dominic de Graaf. Focusing on entertaining gamedesign, that aims to draw players in with choice driven, riveting stories and fun to play games, Alterego Games believe that this allows players to engage in a deep, rich and fulfilling experience. Working together with Vincent da Silva, founder of Digital Forest studio, who has two decades of experience in creating games in a variety of genres, the teams are now hard at work on their first collaboration, Woven.

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