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2nd Narborion Saga Fame Contest on NOW!

Narborian Saga Logo

As Narborion Saga, Narborion 2: The God of Orcs and Narborion 3: The Swamp of Thousand Paths are all available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, it’s time to announce the 2nd Fame Contest ! Narborian Saga raised the stakes: you have to play all three books, but the winner will get an all-new iPad Mini 4!

The rules are simple: you have to start a new game, name your character so that it contains the word “contest2” and upload your fame at the very end of every book(all three of them). We will add up your three scores and declare a winner based on the totals.

Narborian Saga will tweet and post the Leaderboard regularly on Twitter and Facebook so you can follow how others are faring!

The three players with the highest Fame Points will receive the main prizes, while everybody above 5,000 and 6,000 Fame Points will receive gifts: Narborion Saga T-Shirts and promotion codes for the upcoming “A Land Fit For Heroes” game made in cooperation with Richard Morgan.

The contest starts now and ends on the 31st of October, 2015. You can find theprizes and the detailed rules here.

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