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2Dark – a New Stealth Horror Title from “Alone in the Dark” Creator Frederick Raynal

Gloomwood 2Dark

In case you missed the exciting news – Frederick Raynal, the creative force behind the classic game Alone in the Dark – has launched Gloomywood, a new studio working on the new stealth horror title – 2Dark.

Set for a PC release in early 2016, 2Dark challenges players to rescue groups of children who have been captured by a pack of demented serial killers, each more frightening than the last.  Featuring a unique look and a twisted storyline, 2Dark will ensure players never rest easy while scouring the game’s dark environs.

Those interested in exploring the sinister world of 2Dark can pre-purchase the game now, which will give them immediate Beta access –
Set in a twisted and quirky 1970’s universe, 2Dark tasks you with saving groups of kidnapped children, all while avoiding the ever present threat of their captors: disturbed serial killers who are lurking in the dark, waiting for their next victim. The unique gameplay mix challenges players with devious riddles and mystery around every corner.
About Gloomywood 

Based in Lyon (France), Gloomywood is a new video game brand created in 2014 by four friends and industry veterans: Frederick Raynal and Yael Barroz (Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure), Thierry Platon and Sophie-Anne Bled (Ranx, Tiny Token Empires, etc.). Together they share more than 100 years of combined experience in the video game industry. 2Dark is their first title. Check out their website or Youtube channel, follow them on Twitter or visit their Facebook page or Google+ page for more information.

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