1979 Revolution Launches in Six Languages and Wins Grand Jury Prize

After the exciting win at IndieCade with the Grand Jury Award, iNK STORIES fulfills its core mission of creating games for global audiences by announcing the upcoming release of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday in six additional languages: GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, TURKISH and FARSI.  Additional updated feature includes iOS Replay Kit added for supported devices (allowing you to capture video of your gameplay straight to your device’s photo library and share in seconds).

1979_screenshot17 1979_screenshot14 1979_screenshot13 1979_screenshot12

Despite the Iranian Government’s harsh ban on the game, blaming it for “poisoning the minds of the youth and young adults” the developers pushed on to offer the entire two and a half hour experience in Farsi.

And here in US, the controversial game that is centered on social unrest of revolution is being heralded for its innovative, empathetic, entertaining and impactful social content—in a coup for video games, 1979 Revolution will be presented to the UNITED NATIONS for its merit in peaceful conflict resolution by UNESCO. iNK Stories recent notable awards include Google’s Indie Games Festival finalist, People’s Choice Finalist at FoST, Game of the Year Nomination by IGFY, and official selection of The PAX 10 at PAX WEST ‘16.


Localization Release date: November 16, 2016


UPDATES:  Available to play in GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, TURKISH and FARSI, Replay Kit for iOS

Soundtrack: iTunes

1979_screenshot12 1979_screenshot11 1979_screenshot8 1979_screenshot3

  • Winner of Grand Jury Prize at IndieCade
  • Google Play Finalist
  • People’s Choice Finalist FoST
  • Game of the Year Nomination IGFY
  • Official selection of The PAX 10 at PAX WEST ‘16
  • United Nations Presentation

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Synopsis

Based on real stories. Immerse yourself into the real world of revolution.  Play a photojournalist whose life gets caught up in the uprising against the Iranian King. Navigate your story in the revolution with only two weapons: your camera and your morality.

1979 Revolution is a cinematic adventure game where the fates of those around you hinge on the consequences of your choices.

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