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Pax West 2016: Replica

replicaThe Indie Mega Booth was one of the best places at Pax to get a good look at the future of the industry. Small studios as far as the eye could see were showing off their games and we had the chance to check out Replica, a game made by Somi, a solo developer based out of South Korea.  Take a listen to the interview we had with Somi at Pax West 2016 as well as the trailer for the game.

Replica is an interactive novel game played through a view of a cellphone and social media.

You are given the cellphone of an unknown owner. You must look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into the cellphone owner’s account, under governmental coercion. You will do this by inspecting the cellphone’s usage history and social media activity records.

replica2The insane experience of peeping into someone’s private life through a cellphone will transform you into the state’s greatest patriot.

The virtual country in the game has suffered a major terror attack just a few days ago. People are terrorized, and the state is increasing security in order to arrest the terrorists and to prevent further attacks. Governmental intelligence obtained the power to legally inspect personal information such as movement record and cellphone usage, and whoever declines inspection must be hiding something.

Replica simulates a cellphone’s OS by offering variations of social media service’s like Facebook, Twitter and many more. The game has a pixelated look and it really suits it. You’ll investigate text messages and many other programs to learn passwords that allow you to break into other programs that may hold the key to your next discovery.

replica3It’s a very interesting game and one that has a decent replayability thanks to 12 different endings.  Visually I was really impressed by the game as the phrase ‘less is more’ really applies here.

Replica is available on Steam for 2.99 US / 3.29 CAN.



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