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Pax West 2016: Super Dungeon Tactics


Visiting the top floor of Pax West 2016 lead me to some great discoveries, and one of my favorites was with Underbite games and Super Dungeon Tactics.

While the Super Dungeon Tactics brand can also be enjoyed via a tabletop game series by Soda Pop Miniatures, it was their video game version of it that caught my eye.

I had the chance to check out the game and take in an interview with Cory Heald from Underbite games.


super-2What is Super Dungeon Tactics?

Super Dungeon Tactics is a turn-based strategy game in which players create a guild of Heroes to combat the Dark Consul’s forces throughout Crystalia. As the guild master you choose to take on bounties, answer the pleas of the public, or answer a noble call to adventure. Whether for altruistic reasons, just getting your cut, or a little of both, complete quests, gather loot, attract Heroes, and reveal the world of Crystalia by your own means.

Tactics with light RNG

Familiar turn based strategy game with light amount of randomness provides a good balance of strategy and chance. In Super Dungeon Tactics, every round provides a new challenge.

super-3Game Progression

Acquire loot and build up your heroes through main story missions, unique side quests and random bounties. Unique level objectives, wide variety of enemies and unexpected hero party situations will constantly provide new challenges.

Loot-Centric Leveling

With progression tied to loot, no more heroes are left behind. Swap equipment around and bring heroes anywhere without worry of underleveling.

Ability Dice

Each hero has a unique die that changes with their equipment and represents the heroes influence on the battle. The Dice enhance character stats and provides access to special abilities during each round.

superVisually, I love the game. characters have personality, and even their little character icons at the bottom of the screen are just so full of life. With 16 playable characters, you are bound to find enough characters to craft one awesome party.

Environments are well detailed and look incredible. You’ll move around them via a grid system, typical of turned based style games.

There are lots of classes to pull from and combat is really enjoyable. You’ll use the variety in your gear to power up and make it easier to push through over 70 different enemy types.

I was really impressed with Super Dungeon Tactics and can’t wait for the full release soon!

 Check out the trailer of Super Dungeon Tactics!

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