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Pax West 2016: Sonic Mania


While SEGA’s booth at PAX West 2016 was filled with a huge variety of SEGA made games, the addition of Sonic the Hedgehog is always a great thing to see. I was able to get my hands on with the blue blur’s latest return to form with Sonic Mania.

sonic-2Sonic Mania is an upcoming side-scrolling adventure that looks to play like that of the original Sonic games on the SEGA Genesis.

Visually the game looks exactly of that era and the music does as well. It was great seeing a Sonic game return to what made it so popular in the first place.

Sonic Mania is a sprite based game where you’ll control Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. It does feature some original levels as well as re-mixed levels from past games like the popular Green Hill Zone from the very first game. With Sonic you’ll be able to Spin Dash and Spin Attack as he always could in those games, it truly feels like the SEGA Genesis era all over again, it’s great!

sonic-1Sonic will also have the Drop Dash, a new mechanic that allows players to instantly dash into a rolling Spin Attack upon landing from a jump. It takes a bit to get used to, but becomes somewhat required later on. The game also features elemental shields and giant rings leading to special unlockable stages.

If you’ve been craving a return to form for Sonic the Hedgehog, then this is it!

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