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Pax West 2016: Orwell

Surprise Attack Games had a fantastic booth located on the top floor of Pax West 2016. One of the titles I had the chance to get a hands on with was Orwell, a security/hacking game that has you deep diving into the life of various civilians to uncover the possible connection of terrorism.

Take a listen our interview for Orwell at Pax West 2016.



Thanks to the government’s Safety Bill, the Nation is experiencing the lowest levels of violent crime in years. But, our ambitious goals have not yet been reached; there still exists those who would pose a threat to our peaceful citizens. To all of us.

In order to ensure state security and protect personal freedoms, a new kind of technology is required…


orwell3A new security program that combines cutting edge information retrieval with human-directed suspect profiling.

For Orwell to be truly successful, however, we need you. Someone outside of the Nation, capable of discerning information posted by suspects online, obtained through communication devices, and personal files. You will have to carefully decide what information is crucial for our investigations. What we need to know.

Be aware. There is no overstating the importance of your role. Stakes are high and lives hang in the balance.


Orwell is a game that plays through a visually impressive looking browser. You’ll watch live chats, read articles and piece together a profile of various civilians. The portion of the game I played was following a woman named Cassandra Watergate. I browsed information about her family, her connections to activism and other bits and pieces of her identity to attempt to connect her to some sort of crime.

orwell5You’ll look into her friends, hobbies, text messages and other various outlets where she has left her digital foot print. You will find this information and then have to wonder if anything you are reading is vital to your cause. You’ll pick and choose information to feed into the Orwell security system.

Orwell is a very unique type of game, I can’t say I’ve played much like it before. While it does have similar features of investigating social media like SOMI’s Replica, the way in which Orwell is played makes it far different from that game. It definitely brings up some interesting ideas about how much of our information is there to just be explored and makes you almost think twice about posting on forums and even outlets like Facebook or Twitter.

orwell4I love the look Orwell has going for it, the browser windows are clean, crisp and its color choices are spot on. There is a faux polygon look to the visuals as well that just works well to create a dynamic looking game that essentially when it comes down to it, is just text and pictures.

Check out the recruitment trailer for Orwell.

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