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Pax West 2016: Dropzone

At Pax West 2016 I had the chance to stop by the Sparkypants booth to take a look at Dropzone, their latest game published by Gameforge.  Take a listen to the interview that I had with the man in charge, Jason Coleman; President of Sparkpants Studios.


Dropzone looked really great and they currently have a Closed Beta going on now.

  • Select your three combat rigs and their pilots, load them out and set them down in the Dropzone. Your 15-minute duel is about to begin!
  • Use speed and strategy to gather as many cores as possible in the available time. Fight back the alien Kavash to earn cores and then upload them via the uplink – while simultaneously preventing your opponent from doing the same!
  • Virtually limitless combinations – kit out your rigs, level up your pilots and mix and match gear to suit your personal playing style. Combine that with your own skills and prove whose strategy is the best on the battlefield!


There is a nice variety in the classes you are able play as:

Turbine – Mechanic (Supporter)

  • Repairs rigs
  • Average hit points
  • Provides damage support and buffs

Fury – Gunner (Damage Dealer)

  • Heavy damage dealer
  • Low hit points
  • Fast movement speed

Vise – (Damage Soaker)

  • Serious defense
  • Uses various AoE attacks
  • Slow movement speed

With more classes to be revealed soon.



  • Customizable Rigs with hundreds of pieces of gear
  • Intense 1v1 15 minute matches
  • Stunning visuals and FX-4K ready
  • Streaming and playback modes
  • Support for competitive play and ad-hoc tournaments
  • Skill-based Matchmaking
  • Sparkle Engine built from the ground up
  • Pilot classes
  • …and it’s FREE TO PLAY!

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