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Pax West 2016: Anti-Hero

I had the chance to take in an interview with Tim Conkling, creator of Anti-Hero at Pax West 2016.



A city riddled with corruption is resilient to change. The old blight settles in, makes itself at home, refusing to allow any upstart new afflictions to take hold. That’s why you’re keeping to the shadows: your Master Thieves keeping a sharp lookout on street corners, your Urchins infiltrating the seats of power by lamplight. It’s hard work, but if dishonest people in this city are getting rich, what’s stopping you from taking your fair cut?

The moment to strike hasn’t arrived just yet, but stay vigilant. Your time will come.

anti-1Anti-Hero is amazing.

The first thing that I thought about when sitting down with the game was how gorgeous the artwork is. The game, at least to me, comes across as an almost gothic Charles Dickens/Oliver twist. Characters have fascinating details and crisp lines, animations are fun and comical, but not overly silly. Everything here adds to the experience instead of distracting from it.


Anti-Hero is a fast-paced strategy game with an (Oliver) Twist. Run a thieves’ guild in a gas-lit city ruled by corruption, violence, and greed.


  • Fast-paced turn-based strategy!
  • Single-player & synchronous multiplayer!
  • Desktops, tablets, & phones!
  • Street lamps, sneaking, & skullduggery!
  • Bribes!
  • Assassinations!
  • Englishmen!

Taking over the town is easy, keeping it? Well, that’s the hard part.

anti-2As you take over each small little section of town, you’ll notice red foot prints, this is your competition. You’ll have to take them out, all while building your own gang. You’ll do so with a variety of game mechanics. You will use gold to recruit people to your guild, and lanterns to upgrade the guild itself. Each turn you will have the chance to upgrade that guild to make it stronger.

The overall goal is to lock down resources away from your competition and claim the town.

I had a great time with Anti-Hero and talking with creator Tim Conkling. Look for it to release early next year on Windows, Apple and Android, and hey, you can even mix and match for gaming on the go!

Check out the trailer for one of my favorite games from this year’s Pax West 2016!


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