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Voice Acting Panel – With Mark Meer & Will Friedle – Edmonton Expo 2015

This panel was probably one of the funniest from the Expo.

Who knew that voice actors were really that funny in person. The panel was a very intimate panel, it starting off with quick introductions and then right into Q&A. The MC thought that there was a mic set up for the audience, once they found out there wasn’t one, Will took it upon himself to venture out into the audience to get our questions answered.

As a fan of 90’s heart-throbs I was instantly excited at the mere thought of having the one and only Eric Matthews walk passed me not to mention the fact he stood right by me a couple of times. This Q&A was very informative and down right entertaining. From the mole rap to Mark and Will doing a skit with the various characters they voice. Take a listen to the panel below, you will not regret it!!


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