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Anime at a Glance: Heroic Age

Anime at a Glance: Heroic Age
Game Name: Heroic Age
Publisher(s): FUNimation
Developer(s): XEBEC
Release Date: 2007

A long time ago, as the universe began, there was a great tribe of beings that were known as being the Golden Tribe.HeroicAge02 They existed within space and time itself, governing all other tribes of species. They sent out a beacon to all other tribes to join them amongst the stars, and any that could join them were welcome. The first to respond was the Silver Tribe, a human-like race of people of advanced intelligence and technology, and the second  was the Bronze Tribe, a nearly feral race of insect like beings with average intelligence, and third was the Heroic Tribe, a race of monstrous warriors that were incredibly advanced but would fight with every other race. The Heroic Tribe would eventually be punished for their warlike nature and be imprisoned in the bodies of the a few people belonging to different tribes. The Golden Tribe would pass their knowledge on to these races and planned to leave the universe once their beacon had ended, but near the end of the beacon’s duration a small craft arrived at the Golden Tribe’s planet containing a single human infant boy. The Golden Tribe, impressed by the tenacity of the race to send someone so young so far into space, named them the Iron Tribe, bestowed some of their knowledge onto this infant boy before leaving.

HeroicAge01The Silver tribe looked at the Iron Tribe with disdain and jealousy for their acts, and sought to destroy them, but humanity was able to scatter to the stars as Earth was destroyed. Now Humanity searches for their new home, as well as the lost infant taken in by the Golden Tribe to hopefully help bring them to a new planet they can call home.

When Humanity finds the ruined planet that the Golden Tribe used to live on before they left they find the boy, named Age, and he defends them from an attack on the Bronze Tribe, who are being controlled by the Silver Tribe to help exterminate the Iron Tribe. Age makes a clear display of power when he changes into one of the Heroic Tribe, Bellcross, and defends them against the Bronze Tribe. He explains that he had been waiting all this time and that his family, the Golden Tribe, had given him many tasks to undergo to help protect the Iron Tribe and bring together all of the Tribes.

Heroic Age is definitely an old show, dating back to 2007, and also draws inspiration to the Twelve Labors of
Hercules as Age is given 12 labors to overcome to help humanity survive. The show was made by Studio XEBEC and licensed by FUNimation.

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