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Anime at a Glance: Hamatora

Anime at a Glance: Hamatora
Game Name: Hamatora
Publisher(s): Sentai Filmworks
Developer(s): NAZ and Lerche
Release Date: 2014

Hamatora_01_5In Yokohama, Japan there is a detective agency called Hamatora started by a teenage boy named Nice, who is anything but normal. He went to an academy called Facultas and was tested on many different scales, but the primary purpose of the academy was actually the discovery and development of people with abilities, called Minimums and Minimum Holders. With extensive and special training in education and physical ability, these people are trained to suit any role they would like, many of which become highly influential people in the government, though the concept of Minimums is kept highly classified from the public. Nice happens to be one of the few geniuses from Facultas, and labeled as a prodigy with his minimum, however he left the academy early and started his detective agency. Along side his partners Hajime and Murasaki, who are also minimum holders, they try to help people and solve crimes so that they can put food on the table.

Nice begins taking some simple cases and finds that there are people getting Minimums without being innately born with their ability. He occasionally gets information from his friend Art, who works with the police but was also a hamatora_birthday_01dropout of Facultas Academy as he never presented with a Minimum. Nice returns the help to Art by consulting periodically with a few small details on his cases, which intertwines them both with their cases.

Personally, I enjoyed this show, but it was rather slow moving to begin, and it didn’t properly explain minimums for a few episodes. Outside of that, it wrapped everything together nicely and continued on to a second season title Re:Hamatora. Both series aired in 2014 and were made by Studio NAZ and Lerche respectively, and licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

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