Anime at a Glance: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet01The Earth freezes over after a second ice age, one that it would never recover from, and Humanity survives by escaping to space. Hundreds of years later their ship, housing the entire human race, is drifting through looking for another survivable planet while having encountered an enemy that threatens their survival, the Squid-like Hideauze. Ledo awakens in his Machine Calibre, from it’s AI named Chamber, to prepare for a final assault on the Hideauze hive cluster. The entire military’s plan is to warp in on the other side of a planet and launch a surprise attack and end the threat once and for all, so they don’t have to worry about their survival any longer. Ledo is to help escort a weapon that will destroy them, along with his platoon.

As the military warps in, they encounter the Hideauze right away, and as they take a shot for the main cluster, their chance at exterminating the Hideauze fails and they’re forced to retreat back through the wormhole they approached through. Ledo manages to grab onto the ship but gets thrown off in the wormhole and separated from the colony.

Aboard the Gargantia, a water cruiser on an unknown planet, Amy is making her deliveries and finds Bellows recovering a Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet03heavily advanced suit of armour from the bottom of the sea. Problem is that none of the salvage crew can even scratch it to try and get it open to make use of it. Chamber observes and waits for everyone to leave to awaken Ledo from a suspended sleep. Once Ledo gets out, one of the salvage crew comes back to try and get it open again, only Amy stops in to look as well. Ledo grabs Amy as a hostage and tries to escape from inside the cargo hold he’s in, only to find that he gets outside to open air and atmosphere, he’s not in a ship.  As he runs around trying to find a place to get to, the citizens start to corner him. Chamber breaks out of the cargo hold and defends Ledo as he tries to figure out where he is, and Amy tries to talk to him about where he is.

Despite how the show begins, it is more of a slice of life type of anime than a Mech anime. It deals with Ledo and his sudden arrival on a planet and trying to find out how to live outside of a military life where there is mostly just peace and quiet. It also leads back to the discovery of what happened to the entire human race before the ice age as Ledo and Chamber help with salvage crews but end up getting wrapped up in another mystery.

If you expect a ton of action out of an anime featuring a giant hyper-advanced Mech, you’ll be a little disappointed, but it does deliver a small amount of action.

Production IG was the studio behind it, and it was licensed by Viz Media.

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