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Anime at a Glance: Durarara!!

Anime at a Glance: Durarara!!
Game Name: Durarara!!
Publisher(s): Aniplex USA
Developer(s): Brain's Base (Shuka, 2015)
Release Date: 2010 and 2015

This has been one of my favorite shows for a long while and they recently started up another set of seasons. Most ofDurarara02 my reviews give the idea of the first couple episodes to a show to give you an idea of plot and characters, but Durarara has several sets of characters that all interact with each other throughout the series. The central plot of the first season focuses on Mikado Ryugamine and his move to Ikebukuro to reunite with a friend from elementary school, Kida Masaomi, as well as a gang called the Dollars. At this time, there are ‘Color Gangs’ in the city that roam around, but what makes the Dollars unique is that they have no color that represents them or their members. They cannot be targeted or identified this way, so it makes them invisible to anyone. The Dollars have a message board set up where everyone can communicate with each other, but no one knows much else about them unless they’re part of the gang.

Durarara01The other characters in the series are mostly normal, but I think one of the other things that interested me about the show initially is that it initially tries to present it’s characters as real people going about every day lives and how they just happen to run into people naturally, in a serendipitous way. However, they also try to tie in supernatural occurrence into the show in a fairly simple way. One such example would be Celty Sturleson, a Dullahan that roams the city day to day and works as a Transporter for anyone with enough money. As many others do, I occasionally enjoy seeing and learning about mythologies from other cultures and areas of the world. A Dullahan is a fairy from Irish folklore that basically acts as a grim reaper. Their heads are detached from their bodies and they arrive to ferry the souls of the departed on to the afterlife. The only problem is that Celty cannot find her head, and she spends her extra time searching for it.

Durarara also has characters that display incredible strength or are possessed by cursed blades. Far from ordinary, Durarara Logobut it blends these people into every day life, further showing you that not everyone passing you on the street is completely normal and there may just be something special about them that you’d never know.

The show first aired in 2010 and was made by Studio Brain’s Base and licensed by Aniplex of America for North America. A second series has been continued on starting from January 2015 and is currently ongoing, but the studio has changed to Shuka and is continuing it’s licensing under Aniplex of America.

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