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Anime at a Glance: Attack on Titan Junior High

A bolt of lightning appears in the sky outside the wall and a giant red hand clutches the top. But that’s impossible, the wall is over 50 meters tall! A skull of a Titan appears over the edge of the wall and everyone looks up in horror, just imagining all of chaos about to unfold.attackontitanjrH_03

That’s about the time that our protagonist, Eren Jaeger, wakes up from his nightmare. His childhood friend Mikasa Ackerman is in his room trying to get him out of bed, they’ll be late for school after all! It’s their first day attending Attack Junior High and they need to get going. On the run to school Eren runs into, literally, a few familiar faces and they all collect up at the gates to the school. From here, Eren and the gang encounter Titans that just want to attend their own classes, while bullying humans for their lunches. Mikasa tries to find ways to get Eren to notice her and like her. Armin hates the cold and avoids school, and they need to find out who the strongest human in the world is and what club he belongs to.

Attack on Titan Junior High puts an entirely satirical twist on the main series being a dark and serious show by shifting everything to a style of chibi characters and school yard tomfoolery. So they take every trait that was emphasized about the characters in the main serious and blow it out of proportion just for fun.

attackontitanjrH_02In case you have been living under a rock for the last few years and haven’t heard of Attack on Titan, you should probably go check it out. The Junior High series has just started up on Funimation’s website but as with most anime it is based off of a manga, and the manga does have several volumes of a head start on it. I’ve read very few manga as it is but I did buy and start reading this one at a convention earlier this year and enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

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