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Anime at a Glance: Aldnoah.Zero

Anime at a Glance: Aldnoah.Zero
Game Name: Aldnoah.Zero
Publisher(s): Aniplex of America
Developer(s): A-1 Pictures and TROYCA

In the different timeline, an expedition to the moon stumbles on a Hypergate that transports to the surface of Mars, and uncovers a source of ancient technology, powered by an energy of light which became known as Aldnoah. It was stored within the body of the person that uncovered it, and he used the technology to found a new civilization. Unfortunately the new Civilization on Mars has little to no possible resources, and the people get jealous of people on Earth and they launch an attack. In the attack, they destroy half of the moon and cause devastation to the Earth. 16 years later, the Earth had shifted towards trying to advance their military to catch up to the technology of the Aldnoah and the Martians. They’ve taken to having military schools training up pilots for the next time the Martian colonies attack, and this leads into Kaizuka Inaho being one of the trainee recruits to the Military. His parents died when he was young and he lives with his older sister, but he’s often scolded for doing things that could be dangerous, as everyone thinks he’s emotionless, but is mostly just analytical.

Aldnoah.Zero02 Aldnoah.Zero01

The Martian Princess decides to go to Earth to forge an alliance, and on the route to the ceremony she gets attacked and killed. Inaho and a few others were observing as they watch Martians declare war for murdering their Princess. As the Martian Knights descend onto the planet in their Mechs, Kataphracts, that are incredibly advanced by the Aldnoah technology. The first Knight to attack comes up against people trying to evacuate from the initial attack that blacks out all communication on Earth, scrambling transmissions, and among them is Inaho and his friends. They watch as this Kataphract disintegrates anything that it touches with it’s huge bulky body. Inaho observes it and comes up with an attack strategy to help save everyone. During the fight they encounter another boy who was a guard and friend of the Princess named Slaine Troyard, a slave that was originally from earth. He aids the Martian Knight in the fight but eventually finds out a shocking truth and turns on the Knight, eventually helping Inaho and the others. But they have a long road ahead of them as the Earth is now under planetary siege from the Martian race of humans, and they are cut off from the rest of the world. Inaho takes on the staggering task of trying to push back the Martians and come up with a plan to take back the planet, one Knight at a time.


This is one of the few shows I watched as soon as it aired on Crunchyroll, every week. Every fight between Inaho and the Martians was incredibly well thought out, when he was against an overwhelming technological disadvantage he would always find a way to use science and their own basic technology against his opponents. Every move was strategic and every attack was planned to gain intel on his opponents. If you’re just in it for over the top action, it may not be for you, as there is a lot of talking, but the fights are well done and definitely deserves to be watched for a few episodes to get an idea of the show.  Between subterfuge, rivalries, and assassinations, this show has a lot going on and, when it aired in 2014 and finished in 2015, it was the most interesting show airing. I also found it very entertaining that everyone in the show uses an advanced model of the Kataphracts, the Martian technology with Aldnoah being on a whole other level, and Inaho’s preference of unit was a training model from the school instead.

The studio behind Aldnoah.Zero was A1- Pictures and TROYCA and Aniplex America published it for North America.

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